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Standard Design

At our factory in Bangalore, we manufacture Power Chucks, Hydraulic Cylinders, Tailstock Centers, Machine Vices and also economic turnkey solutions for Precision Hydraulic fixtures used in VMC, HMC, and Turning Centres. Our highly skilled service, and desgin engineers are our core strength.

Ready Stock

We stock critical spares at our HO in Bangalore, and also standard products like Dead Centers, Tailstock Centers, Cylinders, Power Chucks, and Spindles from HSD, Italy. We also stock against our customers’ annual forecast to ensure timely delivery as per their schedule.

Customized Solutions

We design, install and prove-out reliable solutions for special applications without compromising on accuracy and repeatability. Improve your machining process with fully automated hydraulic fixtures with operating pressures ranging from 70bar to 300bar.

Service - Our Forté

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals provide excellent, cost-effective services to our clients. Beyond just selling a product, we believe in customer delight, providing services with minimal downtime. Our products hold a warranty for 1 year against any manufacturing defects.

Work-holding technology for machine tools is all about creating precision quality products

ROHM Clamping Technologies offer the best solutions for optimal results, individually tailored to the needs of each customer and application. Your work-pieces are secured with the best clamping technology, for highest repeatability and accuracy, custom-made to your requirements.

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Tailstock centers and Face Drivers.

Conventional and Independent chucks

Floating Reamer holders

Power Chucks and Cylinders

Radial and Axial Tool Holders

Universal Tool Heads

High-precision Chucks for Grinding

Special construction for turning, milling, grinding, and inspection machines

High-precision & high-speed spindles

Workholding for CMM and grinding machines

Leading supplier and manufacturer of work-holding products

Wide Range of Products

Industry 4.0, the new digital industrial technology, is the buzzword dominating the future of manufacturing.

This manufacturing revolution will increase productivity, shift economics, foster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce. Advanced digital technology is already used in manufacturing, but with Industry 4.0, it will transform production.

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Customised, Delivered


We offer the right clamping solutions for turning, milling, grinding, gear machining, EDM, turn-mill centers, CMM and a plethora of other applications. We cater to the Machine Tool, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Railway and Medical Industries.

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